What’s Going on With Cecelia?

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I haven’t posted much here lately, as I expected would happen and is obvious by glancing at the posts. When you have to choose between spending time with your daughter and working on another website, the choice is easy, even when the website is about her. So that’s my excuse.

Another way to put that is it’s tough keeping up with her and her developments and time is very scarce these days. Every day is something new, and she does something incredible. If I tried to memorialize it all, I’d miss it all. I am taking tons of photos and video and saving them all over the place for safety. Editing and processing them is a project for the future. I post some of the better ones on Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo but those are a small fraction of the what’s in the vault already.

Some highlights of her vocabulary now include cheese, keys, please, etc… Yak, most every animal sound, and naming fruits and vegetables. A lot more that she either uses to navigate through life (like “up,” “stuck” and so on) or has learned from her books, but as I said earlier, it comes at you fast. She was about to try and head out the front door on a mission only known to her(which is childproofed), paused, went to the basket by the door and said “keys.” I asked if she just said “keys?” and she replied “Yep. Keys.” Cute and memorable, but these things happen at an increasingly rapid pace these days. She’s really developing fast. Even physically, she’s big and strong and not afraid to flaunt it. She’ll pick up her sit & spin with one hand and tote it around the room like a giant dumbbell.

She’s very coordinated and interested in the outdoors and athletics, which are traits I like of course. She was chasing a golf ball around the yard with a pitching wedge this afternoon in fact. And a huge blue exercise ball she pushes up the hill and around the yard and kicks around like a soccer ball. And was obsessed with a yellow Nerf football in our neighbor’s yard for months. Still is, I think even though it hasn’t been out there in forever.

She also likes to explore the wilderness, which I also like. We go look at bumblebees, ants, flowers, beetles, ladybugs, spiders and webs, wild strawberries, and whatever else we see on our short walks. Cecelia wants to hug and kiss them all and be cute with them. She does that with nearly everything in fact. We also go on hikes in the nearby park.

Nearly everything. She’ll be nice to Annie at times, but others is really rough with her or unreasonable. Very bossy. Poor Annie’s blind, deaf and has rickety hips, so a 1 year old pushing her around probably isn’t fun for Annie at all. It’s constant with them though. And then Cecelia acts terrified whenever Annie comes up the stairs or walks nearby for no reason. Just sometimes, though. She’s schizo with Annie in other words.

I’m weaning her from having bottles all night while Casey and Megan are out of town. Neither of us are enjoying it.


Cecelia has some trouble with her sense of proportion. Loves to try and get big things into spaces her little finger wouldn’t fit into. When you’re growing like a weed and 1, it’s understandable.

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