Cecelia is Growing

I’m happy to report Cecelia is alive and growing happily.

It’s been a while since a report on Cecelia, and I’m happy to report she’s still healthy and happy and growing up fast. Each day I see some small progression, and it’s tough to keep up with them all after a while. A new syllable here, a new skill or realization there. The world is opening up around her, which is fun to watch and be a part of. And exhausting to supervise for hours on end. She’s very brave and a thrill-seeker.

yay beach

She’s pretty much shed all her baby fat by now but still has a cute baby belly of course. She’s far skinnier than in the photo above, in which she has thunder-thighs. It’s not like she’s doing power-crunches. But she’s probably the leanest person in this house now. She’s stretching out. And I can tell she’s growing not just by her weight increasing, which I can tell from lugging her up and down several flights of stairs all day long. She’s approaching 30 pounds. She’s banging her head on things that she was able to clear not that long ago. And walking into the kitchen stools, which are at eye level. I’m expecting a black eye if she doesn’t start watching where she’s going a little better. At the rate she’s going she’ll be a foot taller before blinking. Between her and poor Annie whose sight and hearing are terrible these days(she’s 15, almost 16), they stumble around the house and yard like 2 drunk sailors.

She’s interested in football and tennis balls especially, and sports equipment, which I strategically leave around the house for her to notice. I can’t wait to play tennis with her, and she can already throw a football better than our last president.

I can flip her over backwards gymnastically, and she’s very good with her little hands. She likes to roll around on the floor with Megan and those two have games of chase, riding on shoulders and “getting” each other that they love. It’s hilarious to watch.

She’s been obsessed with playing in the sink, which is fun, but a mess. Casey got a water fountain thing that has curbed her obsession and that she is having a blast with. I put blue food coloring and bubbles in it with some other water toys to kick it up.

She still isn’t potty-trained, which we aren’t rushing and she’s been showing interest in anyway. After changing 10,000 diapers, what’s a few more? She’s close, though.


Cecelia’s Latest

Cecelia’s been busy keeping me busy. Here’s the latest.

It probably goes without saying that taking care of Cecelia requires a lot of time, which of course I’m happy to spend on her. Sleep is a thing of the past, but we have it SO easy with her compared to so many other children. She’s just such a wonderful child in so many ways, I can’t even believe it. I am very grateful for her.

As a result, I haven’t been posting here as often as I’d like. This website is serving as a type of journal, and so far it’s way too sloppy for my tastes. But, again: time. I’ve put work on the back-burner, which I can do working for myself, and have been taking care of Cecelia during the day and through the night. Casey fills in when I need to sleep. So I feel lucky that I’m able to spend so much time with her. We’re not putting her in daycare or anything, for several reasons, so hopefully I’ll be able to sustain the 1-on-1 with her like this for a while. I have a lot planned for her, and it’d be tough to accomplish that if I was going to work 60+ hours a week. (I was working over 100/hrs a week, which is why I’m on a break. That isn’t sustainable. Trust me. Stay up long enough and you’ll begin seriously hallucinating visually and aurally. Not good.)

There isn’t a TON to report. Cecelia’s standing pretty confidently now, but still isn’t jumping hurdles or walking. Very soon, though I feel. Her vocals have been expanded in the number of sounds she can make, and listening to her coo and “talk” is one of the greatest things in life. I can’t wait until she can actually talk so I can see what’s going on in that melon of hers.

She’s slowly getting off the breast milk, but weaning her from Casey is going to take some doing. We have a lot saved up frozen in a deep freezer, but Casey’s wrapping up the fresh dairy bar. We’ve been giving her both formula and breast, which is working well. But Cecelia’s 10-1/2 months now, and I know Casey’s sick of it. It’s a lot of work.

Cecelia loves the water. Baths are great, other than the soapy part, and today we went to Tyler park for an event that had a fountain she played in. She’s very brave, active and inquisitive, but probably not as much of a risk-taker as if she had been a boy. Which is fine with me. I have a 13-year-old stepdaughter who’s never broken a bone or needed to be sewn up, and as a kid that was rushed to the ER weekly, I’m thankful for these girls’ better judgment.

We’re still giving solid normal food to her; whatever we’re eating, or some special things I get just for her, but she’s not a picky eater which, again, I’m grateful for. She eats vegetables and fruits as we do, and has a healthy diet. By contrast, one of the other kids at the park event today wouldn’t eat anything but potato chips of some sort. Not sure how her parents created that situation. Make no mistake, though. Cecelia had a little ice cream cone yesterday, so she’s living pretty large. She eats very well. Just very messily.

She’s growing so fast, I lose track of just how fast she’s developing. She’s waving to people now, in her own way, which is a hybrid of flashing a gang sign and Queen Elizabeth’s backhanded wave. She’s very social. Which is good because people stop to talk to her 100 times a day and exclaim how awesome she is in some regard. Which I already know, of course. It still makes you very proud. Casey often takes her to the Diaper Fairy Cottage here in Louisville to mingle with other kids, and on the ‘Hike It Baby’ hikes Casey leads of course, among other outings, which  I’m super-appreciative for, and think it’s important and really vital to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Although I was always outside growing up, whether it was riding my bike, playing in the woods or walking home from school every day, I don’t venture outdoors anymore like I used to and would have a hard time properly exposing Cecelia to nature and the planet on which she dwells.

Having Megan here, who she loves, is super-helpful too. Another female in the house, and someone closer to her age that’ll play with her and entertain her is great. Megan loves making her laugh, which she does easily. She’s a very happy child.

I take lots of photos and videos of her, but editing them and posting them here is time-consuming. I had been uploading them in small batches, but I’m going to start doing it in larger galleries, for times’ sake. And not editing them just isn’t a possibility; that isn’t how we roll around here. Her Facebook page and mine have a lot as well a few other places around the web. But I’d like to, and am striving to, have all the best ones hosted here. I may actually start posting them either/or to Medium and GitHub as well. Free unlimited storage, which is perfect for memory-heavy media. You never know when I may want to have a photo of her printed that’s poster-size, and I want max resolution.

So that’s about all that’s going on in Cecelia’s world. She’s sleeping through the night some nights, some nights she’s up every 2 hours. But it’s beginning to normalize to where she sleeps through the night. She has been thrown off her schedule regularly, which is the problem. Not her. She went to Disney World last week for the week and had as good of a time as a 10-month old could have there. She loved seeing Mickey. She wasn’t quite as impressed by the other characters.

cecelia and mickey


Cecelia’s Temperament

Apparently I was an easy child, and I’m being repaid for it now with Cecelia’s temperament. She’s perfect.

I feel like I need to go on record somewhere, for posterity’s sake if nothing else, and flat-out brag about Cecelia’s generally cooperative spirit. I hear about, and see, other parents having a hard time with communicating with their little kids, and I sympathize. Cecelia is about as easy at it gets. She’s such a happy child, and agreeable to so much, that it makes our jobs as parents a lot less stressful. I shouldn’t even describe it as that, because being with her, to me, is one of the most enjoyable activities imaginable. I realize I’m her father, which makes a big difference. Some kids will wear you out fast. But with her I enjoy each day with her more than the last.

We skipped giving her baby food, because it didn’t make any sense, and seemed unnecessary. Kids can eat normal food, without it being pulverized into a gross paste. Plus it would be an extra expense, so what’s the point? Cecelia eats the same food as we do, keeping her diet and portion and mess potential in consideration, and it’s working great. That’s supplemented with breast milk or formula, but she could have water in a pinch. Just to wash it down. Plus it’s a ton of fun introducing her to new food, which is all of it to her. She has her favorites though. Green beans, for one.

She’ll eat pretty much anything, and I do mean ANYTHING. However, in the realm of actual human food, and not rocks and sticks, she isn’t picky. She likes vegetables and fruit and healthy things, so that was a battle avoided as well. Some kids won’t eat anything, or only chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese and fish sticks. That’s not a very good foundation, so we dodged that bullet.

eat a stick

Cecelia should be walking soon as well. I’ve been working with her with standing and getting the general idea, and she’s eager to join the bipeds. Still a little wobbly standing, but she was only crawling a week or two ago, so she’s picking it up quickly. Her dexterity is improving noticeably too. I’ve been working with her playing with balls and things that require hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. I’m also teaching her latin. And Delta blues guitar.

A Lot Can Happen in 6 Weeks

Cecelia turns eight months old tomorrow. Time to start saving for her retirement.

I’ve been pretty very slack at posting Cecelia  news and media, but time has been at a premium. Doing nothing but working, sleeping and watching Cecelia wears a man down. However it doesn’t mean I haven’t been diligently taking videos and photos of her. She’s growing so fast, I can’t afford to miss more than a day or two. I can see development changes in her from day to day, and size-wise she’s getting pretty big, right before our eyes.

She’s been eating pretty much the same diet as we are, with it supplemented by milk and formula of course, and nothing too wild for her. But she eats well, and has a very healthy appetite. Regular items on the menu include: tangerines, plain greek yogurt, lots of fresh berries(blue, black and razz), cottage cheese, deli turkey, tortellini, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes, baby oatmeal, goldfish crackers, celery, and lots of mushy stuff like apple sauce.  She isn’t a picky eater, thank goodness, and even with no teeth, enjoys eating whatever we’re having with the family.

She’s been to the doctor for a regular checkup and clocked in at 19 lbs 8 oz. She still has a good bit of baby fat, but is very limber and athletic. And although she stands up like a champ, she still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of crawling. Which is fine. Once she’s mobile, my job gets a lot more challenging.

She’s beginning to get into discovering new things, from a studious point of view, instead of just seeing if it will fit in her mouth no matter what. It’s awesome to me to watch her zeroed in on something that’s going on, or something I’m doing, and think that’s the first time she’s ever seen that. Everything is new.

She’s showing an interest in the guitar, which I’m pleased with. And she has a strong sense of adventure and is pretty fearless. Being spun around in my office chair while lying on my lap supergirl-to-the-rescue-style is one of her favorite ways to be tossed around. She loves being upside down and being in motion. And heights don’t seem to bother her. Although that may be because she just hasn’t fallen enough(any) yet.

Cecelia will be 8 months old tomorrow. Unbelievable.

Cecelia & me chillaxing in the land of toys.

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