Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, Cecelia’s Coming

Hide your valuables. Cecelia’s on the loose.

13 Months

Hide your valuables.

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Cecelia has been a busy little thing recently, keeping her parents busy. Which explains why there hasn’t been much media being posted. She’s teething, and growing and in a stage where she needs a lot of attention and entertainment. Quality attention I can provide. Quality entertainment for a 13-month-old can be a tough request. Her attention span is about 1 second. Some of her favorite games are “pick me up and put me down” and “point at items, then denounce them when obtained.” She’s being fussy, in other words.

That’s totally normal, and although I’m sure she’s in discomfort from rapidly growing and teething, she’s going through a lot of cranial and chemical changes too which can cause some turbulence I would imagine. Although we have a primitive language we’re using to communicate, she, of course, has no actual vocabulary yet. That makes communicating frustrating for her as well as anyone in that situation. Some adults find themselves there, too. And as a result, she sounds the siren.

She hasn’t been interested in eating solid food lately as she previously was, so that’s a development we’re watching. That’s also a shame because I’ve been making a lot of really good stuff lately. We offer solutions and aid her in every way imaginable for her teething, and she’s a good sport about it, but I know it must be tough.

She’s always been active, but she’s also become very, very inquisitive and driven. She’ll risk life and limb to achieve her goal, which is admirable, but unnecessary. For example, in my office she ran a gauntlet trying to get back in the corner in a little hidey-hole that would have scared Indiana Jones. She’s getting into everything and she reminds me of a gremlin that vexes aircraft and other machinery. The photo above has her dumping out a Raspberry Pi computer I’m building and distributing my small screwdriver set around the basement while savoring the disgusting flavor of one of them. Nothing is safe anymore.

On a positive note, she’s shown a continued and growing liking for music and dance. I don’t expect her to be Joni Mitchell or Beyonce Musgrove but she has an affinity for music, not surprisingly. I had her playing with guitars before she could crawl. And she can already pluck strings and knows to use a pick to strum. She’s smart. Plus with my brainwashing there’s no way she’s not going to be into music. But she’s no one-trick pony. She’ll also bob and shake her head around and bounce up and down when she hears some of her favorite songs, which currently include: Scarlet Begonias, the theme song for StoryBots, (theme songs are big), and lots of disco, unfortunately. But she’s becoming quite the dancer, which I hope to capture some video of.