Cecelia is Growing

I’m happy to report Cecelia is alive and growing happily.

baby beach squats

It’s been a while since a report on Cecelia, and I’m happy to report she’s still healthy and happy and growing up fast. Each day I see some small progression, and it’s tough to keep up with them all after a while. A new syllable here, a new skill or realization there. The world is opening up around her, which is fun to watch and be a part of. And exhausting to supervise for hours on end. She’s very brave and a thrill-seeker.

yay beach

She’s pretty much shed all her baby fat by now but still has a cute baby belly of course. She’s far skinnier than in the photo above, in which she has thunder-thighs. It’s not like she’s doing power-crunches. But she’s probably the leanest person in this house now. She’s stretching out. And I can tell she’s growing not just by her weight increasing, which I can tell from lugging her up and down several flights of stairs all day long. She’s approaching 30 pounds. She’s banging her head on things that she was able to clear not that long ago. And walking into the kitchen stools, which are at eye level. I’m expecting a black eye if she doesn’t start watching where she’s going a little better. At the rate she’s going she’ll be a foot taller before blinking. Between her and poor Annie whose sight and hearing are terrible these days(she’s 15, almost 16), they stumble around the house and yard like 2 drunk sailors.

She’s interested in football and tennis balls especially, and sports equipment, which I strategically leave around the house for her to notice. I can’t wait to play tennis with her, and she can already throw a football better than our last president.

I can flip her over backwards gymnastically, and she’s very good with her little hands. She likes to roll around on the floor with Megan and those two have games of chase, riding on shoulders and “getting” each other that they love. It’s hilarious to watch.

She’s been obsessed with playing in the sink, which is fun, but a mess. Casey got a water fountain thing that has curbed her obsession and that she is having a blast with. I put blue food coloring and bubbles in it with some other water toys to kick it up.

She still isn’t potty-trained, which we aren’t rushing and she’s been showing interest in anyway. After changing 10,000 diapers, what’s a few more? She’s close, though.


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