Update: All Systems Go, Everything Normal

Just a report on things Cecelia-related.

Nothing big to report, other than Casey’s midsection, which is getting appropriately rounder. She reports that Cecelia is now pressing on her bladder, which causes an uncomfortable sensation. Bellybutton-outie is slowly underway, and appetite is good. Casey craves cinnamon and is eating a lot of protein.

Our friends Rebeka and Ben just had their baby, a little girl named Ruby. Casey was able to see her tonight, which she’s been looking forward to since her birth, last week I believe.

The house looks like the back storeroom of a Babys-R-Us. We have clothes and equipment, diapers, tys, and nearly everything we need already. Crib, swing-a-ma-bobs, car seat…you name it. Only thing left I know of is a stroller. And a bunch of little things that we’ll probably get at the baby showers.

So, that’s what the deal is as of this day. About 5 more months to go.

Heard Her Heartbeat Today

We went and heard Cecelia’s heartbeat today.

We went to the doctor today, just for a regular checkup, and everything was fine. We’re nearing the end of the first trimester, and Cecelia is about the size of a southern peach.

We listened to her heartbeat, which was pretty cool. I met Casey’s OB/GYN, who may or may not be the guy to deliver her. It all depends on who’s on call from the office. All the doctors at this practice are supposed to be the best around, and I liked him, so I see no worries. He said the chance of miscarriage at this point is very low, which is nice. Both Casey and I each have had experiences with a miscarriage from our previous marriages, so that was a slight worry. Which is no more in this situation.

Now a ton to report. Casey’s looking rather pregnant, as she should be. She was very tired during the first trimester, but reports having increased energy, which is good. ¬†We’ve been buying necessities already in preparation, and have been getting some really good deals. We’ve pretty much nailed everything down but the stroller, which I’m doing research on. We have a crib, clothing, diapers, toys, pack and play, and everything else we’ll need. Being able to shop ahead of time has given us the opportunity to wait and find really good bargains. We need a rocker/glider, which I may end up building. Or rigging, to be more specific.

I’m pretty sure we’re going to go the cord blood¬†banking route, which just seems to make sense. If we ever need it, we’ll have it, and if we didn’t get this when we had the chance, we’ll feel pretty stupid.

In the spirit of being overprepared, I’ve gone ahead and set up all of Cecelia’s social media accounts and secured her domain, just to be on the safe side. Most of the social media accounts will be worthless most likely by the time she’s old enough to use them, a la, but whatever. It was fun to set them up, and neat to see my mother’s name so many places. It’s kind of cool that I’m the son of, and father of Cecelia Musgrove.

So, go ahead and connect, follow and friend her. She’s already social!

Christmas News

The doctor called today and let us know that we have a healthy girl awaiting us. We didn’t know what the gender was going to be, so Casey was thrilled to find out it’s going to be a girl. It’s what she really wanted. I would have been fine with a boy or girl; I just wanted to know that the kid is healthy. And she is.

So, Sara Cecelia Musgrove is going to be the newest addition to the family. We announced it on Facebook, which, of course, makes everything official. Sara is Casey’s grandmother’s name, and her name before getting married: Carolyn Sara Findley. My mother’s name was Cecelia, and that’s what our child will go by.

So, that’s the big news for today.

The Musgrove family
The newest and smallest addition to the family

7 week Ultrasound

Strangely, with all the awesome technology we have today, this is the standard when it comes to the first ultrasound. Things get clearer and more advanced as time goes on with this pregnancy, and we plan on having a 3-D scan done, but this looks pretty much like nothing, unless you have a trained eye or two. There’s a yolk sac, a heartbeat (which was the coolest part) and it’s about the size of a little shrimp or blueberry. A lot of fruit analogies, I’ve noticed with comparing sizes of fetii.

ultrasound at 7 weeks


Image (43) Image (42)

Baby Names

Casey and I have been thinking about what to name the kid. If it’s a girl, we’ve settled on Sara Cecelia Musgrove, after her grandmother and my mother. If it’s a boy, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be XXX Findley Musgrove, and we’re actually leaning towards Clyde Findley Musgrove, after my grandfather. I owe a lot of who I am to him, for whatever that’s worth, so I would be proud to do that. After a lifetime of laughing about the name, Clyde, I somehow now think it’s a fine name, and would be a nice tribute to someone who really did look after me in a lot of ways, although I didn’t know it at the time. I’ve always felt indebted to him, and think he would be tickled to know that I named my firstborn after him.