Sara Cecelia Musgrove

This website is a place to put photos and videos of Cecelia and any important news or milestones that should be recorded and chronicled. I(her father) plan to maintain this site for her until she can take it over.

I take a ton of photos of Cecelia. If I had any organizational skills, I would have it set up so that after editing each photograph, it gets uploaded here and sent to various storage clouds. That’s pretty easy to do, if you’re setting things up from scratch and only have one account for Cecelia and that’s it. But I manage a lot of accounts and my storage situation is crazy, between cloud, external hard drives and USBs. I have about 15TB (that’s terabytes, not tablespoons) of memory available/used floating around. That’s my lame way of saying I’m not good at keeping this site updated and consistent.

I also have a Facebook page for Cecelia and a Twitter account, and any other social sites that need her username nailed down.

So between all her accounts, there is a pretty good representation of what’s going on in her life, inasmuch as can happen in an 11-month old’s life.